Kar Seva At SSCF

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

SSCF plans to have “Kar Seva” on March 16(Saturday), March 30(Saturday) and April 06(Saturday) to cleanup areas in and around Gurudwara before Vaisakhi and would need support of sangat members to complete this service. Please click here to download the attachment which has list of items and areas where work is needed. Please feel free to spread the word and encourage anyone who would be interested to help us out. SSCF will also give volunteer hours for school and college going children therefore we suggest sangat member to encourage children to participate in this seva. We are also looking for donations such as cleaning supplies etc. for the seva.

To participate/contribute, please email us at infocamp.sscf@gmail.com so that we can plan and assign sewa. If you have any questions then please contact Ishwar Singh at 407-687-6883; Amit Singh at 407-409-2496, Gagandeep Kaur at 407-288-3180 or any committee member for more information.