Indefinite Suspension of Gurudwara Services @SSCF Until Further Notice

Dear Sangat Members, 

The global pandemic corona virus (COVID 19) is now becoming a serious health concern in the United States.  In light of the recent events such as travel bans, Florida’s Public University system going online only and businesses such as Disney World closing, the Management Board (Executive Committee & Trustee Board) held an emergency meeting tonight. To limit or prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind,  the Management Board has decided to suspend all Gurughar services including Sunday service for an indefinite period effective immediately.  There will be no Kirtan/Langar service on March 15th; however, Gurudwara sahib diwan hall will be open for darshan/Matha tekh only.  Since this is an evolving situation, the management committee will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation on a per week basis. We will send weekly emails as well as update our Facebook page with any additional information.

Also, for the safety of all our members, we highly recommend observing the following precautions while visiting the Gurudwara sahib:

  1. We will keep napkins at the entrance thus please use napkins to open the door to avoid touching the doorknob/door handles. Hand sanitizers will be available however we stress hand washing will be required before entering the Diwan hall.
  2. Please avoid touching any area in and around the Guru Granth Sahib Ji & Parikrama.
  3. Please try to bring your head covering/rumala to cover the head. No head coverings will be provided.
  4. Access to langar hall/downstairs will be limited, thus please avoid going downstairs.
  5. To help minimize chances of exposure please limit time at the gurudwara sahib and do not congregate in large groups.  

Sadh Sangat Ji, we appreciate your understanding & assistance during this difficult time.  We ask that you please take this matter seriously and take all necessary precautions, especially for elderly members.

If you have any questions or concern please feel free to contact any management committee member or email us at